Meet the Cast of the 1987 TMNT TV Series

Voice of the Ninja Turtles

Left to right: Barry Gordon voice of Donatello, Rob Paulsen voice of Raphael, Townsend Coleman as Michelangelo, and Cam Clarke as Leonardo.

Photo by: Turtlepedia

Slideshow up above from left to right: Hokum Hare(Townsend Coleman), Muckman (Townsend Coleman) and Joe Eyeball (Rob Paulsen), Carter (Bumper Robinson), Rex-1 (Jack Angel), Buffy Shellhammer (Jennifer Darling), Mona Lisa (Pat Musick), Bugman (Dan Gilvezan), Kerma (Jan Rabson), Aunt Aggie (Joan Gerber), Caitlin (Maggie Roswell), and Zach the Fifth Turtle” (Rob Paulsen).

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