Batman and the Turtles Team Up For Another Adventure

Behind the Scenes/Introduction

I am so excited to be bringing to you this review of the 6 issue comic ‘Batman/TMNT Adventures  Crossover’. The comic combines the Dark Knight and the Ninja Turtle franchise when IDW publishing and DC Comics released a series collaboration between November 2016-17. It was first introduced at the San Diego Comic Con starting on November 9, 2016. Matthew K. Manning was the writer for the series and Jon Sommariva did the artwork. Shawn Lee in charge of the calligraphy the colorists is Leonardo Ito, and the editor of the comic was Bobby Cumow. The new series is based on prequel  Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by both publishers.  Prisoners escape from Arkham Asylum, Batman searches for them in Gotham but they take a portal into NYC, where the Turtle’s home is located. Throughout the entire series Batman and the Ninja Turtles are on the chase to track down the escapees who are openly up these new portals in order to spread out the heroes.

IDW Publishing

Synopsis of Issues #1-5

I had no idea what to title this paragraph so I just decided to wing it. Upon receiving word that a massive breakout has occurred in Arkham Asylum, Batman immediately is on the prowl searching the streets of Gotham. What he doesn’t know is that the inmates have left the Gotham city dimension and traveled to NYC where the Ninja Turtles live. He learns that they left to the Turtles dimension he catches up to Two-Face. Over in the Turtles world the Joker and Harley Quinn meet with Shredder and after not getting anywhere, Joker incapacitates Shredder and takes control over the Foot Clan. The turtles in the meantime run into Snakeweed when they when they him attack a hiker.

While engaging with him, Poison Ivy arrives and uses her mind control to control Snakeweed.They capture Ivy and throw her back through the portal to her dimension she came from. Snakeweed collapses when her mind control wears off. Back at the Foot Clan hideout Shredder shrugs off the gas that Joker used to incapacitate him and proceeds to punch him out. After capturing the majority of the villains they realize that the main culprit is still on the loose. That culprit is none other than the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter shared his beacons with the rest of the villains which explains why portals the being opened up were scattered all over the place

When I realized there were six issues I just had to make a Star Wars reference. To play the role of Luke is all the four Ninja Turtles, Batman will be Han Solo and Emperor Palpetine will be none other than evil syndicate the Mad Hatter. Guess we can though in Joker as Darth Vader even though he was defeated earlier in the previous scene. So back to the plot we see that Bruce Wayne is chilling with Tim Drake watching a movie presentation featuring the Gray Ghost who is Wayne’s childhood icon. It is all disrupted when he gets  word that Gotham is under attack. He dresses up into his Bat costume and him and Tim meet up with the Turtle’s and Batgirl.  Scarecrow isn’t prepared when Raphael and the Dark Knight meet up with him in Arkham. Scarecrow knowing that the Batman and Turtles are on his heel, he hides his noxious gas inside the Gotham Police patrol blimps. Batman opens the valves up releasing the gas but he isn’t affected. After they stop Scarecrow the Turtle’s depart back to their world through the portal. The Dark Knight and his crew go back to to hear the rest of the Gray Ghost movie presentation. 

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